Your Partner in Bioinformatics

Since 1998 BMI designs and develops software exclusively for biomedical sciences.
Our staff of biologists and medical doctors with a strong scientific and bioinformatic background is familiar with the latest methods in genomics and proteomics. Together we analyze your needs, which are then transformed into a customized software package. Your advantage is that you may discuss sophisticated biotechnological problems with colleagues and get software and database solutions that exactly fit your specific needs.
This means saving in time, improvement in quality and finally reduction of overall costs.
In addition, we provide help in the following fields:

- In-house consulting for the analysis of biological data
- Presentation of your research activities on the world wide web
- Integration of new scientific software requirements in your established IT-structure
- Information management consulting

Scientists from well-known laboratories are building on our strengths.
The developing strategy of BMI has won awards from the German Federal ministry of education, science, research and technology (BMBF) in March 1998.