Meiotic Mapping Information System

The largest ever vertebrate genetic screening project has been carried out by ARTEMIS pharmaceuticals in collaboration with an international team of scientists. It is almost entirley done on Software of BMI-Heidelberg. BMI-MMIS is an individualized Laboratory Information Managment System (LIMS) software package that includes high performance database functions and sophisticated analysing algorithms. ARTEMIS pharmaceuticals GmbH was a spin-off by Nobel-prize laureate Professor Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard and of Klaus Rajeski founded in 1998. After its fusion with Exelixis in 2001 ARTEMIS pharmaceuticals has later become a part of Taconic Farms Inc


SYFPEITHI is a web-based MHC-ligand analysing and retrieval system for the Institute of Cell-Biology, department of immunology Tübingen, Germany A DATABASE OF MHC LIGANDS AND PEPTIDE MOTIFS BMI-MassDiff is a differential protein mass spectrometrie analysis software

Cooperations and Partners

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